After an exhausting day,The sky painted an unreal blue,The cranky old wooden bridge loomed aheadWe ran laughing, our skirts swishing behind usMischievous smile plastered on our facesOne hand constantly checking the pockets,For the penniesRan past the lush green meadows,Where three Welaras neighed at us, welcomingAnd reached old Tom’s Bakery, all out of breath,Heavenly smell of... Continue Reading →

The Summer I Turned Pretty – Jenny Han

BOOK REVIEW 📖!Honestly, this was an unexpected re-read, and I’d say I was quite happy that I read it again. The book feels both breezy and deep at the same time, if you understand what I mean? The characters Belly, Conrad, Jeremiah, Steven, Susannah, and Laurel, are so lovable. The best thing about the book,... Continue Reading →

The Hate You Give: Review

'Division is how they win. Unity is how they crumble.' - April Ofrah The movie talks about the brutality the African-American community face in the hands of the police and the government through the eyes of  Starr Carter, a 17 year old girl living in Garden Heights who goes to Williamson, a school that calls... Continue Reading →


💥(WINNER OF 'IMAGINATE' by Kumaraguru Department Of English Literature held on 28.05.2020)💥 How I wish I could turn back time, How much I wish it was Yesterday; I'd make amends, I'd have stopped myself, in time, From snapping (like a ticking time bomb) Wish someone had invented a time-turner, I'd have used it a million... Continue Reading →

Quarantine Diaries: Chapter 3

Unprecedented events have pushed us blindfolded into a new kind of reality where travel, hanging out with the buds are plans , pushed to the far end of our to-do list. Quarantine and social distancing are few words that have made their way into our daily conversations. The new reality is something to be accustomed... Continue Reading →

Fernweh: The prologues

It's really exciting to be able to finally post these prologues.This post is dedicated to all the mothers out there! Wishing everyone one of you all, HAPPY MOTHER's DAY!

'Fernweh' is the novel I've been working on for the last couple months. The word 'Fernweh' , it means a strong desire to visit far-off places. So without further ado, here are the four protagonists of the story! A shout-out to my friends for helping out with the pictures and everything else [] !

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