What if mythical creatures ran businesses along with humans?

Have you ever imagined a crossover between Diagon Alley and Ratatouille except the rat is a dragon or a fairy? Business profits would be at an all-time high with a lot of expenses getting cut down. There would be no necessity for gas cylinders for your restaurant when you are business partners with fire-breathing dragons.... Continue Reading →

The Girl Who Collected Stars

It’s Friday evening and time to play boardgames. Little Eloise walks into the storage closet of her home, to get the boxes. She drags a stool, climbs atop it to reach the top shelf when a brown wooden box with a golden lock catches her eye. Standing on tiptoe, she manages to reach it, but... Continue Reading →

Cloaked Lifesavers

That day, we reached the hospital at 1 PM. We went inside, and the security at the reception did not stop me that day. I followed my mother, trying to keep up with her pace, climbing the stairs to meet my Grandpa, who was hospitalized. The nurse whom I had gotten familiar with over the... Continue Reading →

Indian Independence Day

75 years ago, thousands of martyrs laid their lives down for an independent India. Today, we have innumerable rifts among us. Equality and freedom still sound like a far-fetched dream. A girl child born in a hospital sometimes gets the reception of a funeral. There are families disgusted by the girl child, that they leave... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Sebastian Vettel 🥳

Happy 34th Birthday Seb!! 👑We love you beyond words for the person you are on and off track! 🏁 We will for sure do our part in greening the Earth and saving our home!🍃🌍 So many words i wish to say, starting from how you being an Environmental activist, how you want to give back... Continue Reading →


A poem of wishes. I wish for this dayto provide abundance of joyto be as beautiful as poetryI wish for the Sunto rise earlier, like it does for noneto smile a little moreI wish for the sunflowersto make an exception, and in the early hoursto rise in your honour insteadI wish for the nightingale's voiceto... Continue Reading →

Why? Oh! Why?

Why-oh-why can’t I find the things I needMy-oh-my why do I find random rubbishWhy-oh-why is the alarm going berserkMy-oh-my why is it 6 AM?Time machine, where you at? Why-oh-why am I under surveillance all the timeMy-oh-my why was I born a girl?Why-oh-why are they fighting so much?My-oh-my it’s a measly few decades we haveWho’s got... Continue Reading →


After an exhausting day,The sky painted an unreal blue,The cranky old wooden bridge loomed aheadWe ran laughing, our skirts swishing behind usMischievous smile plastered on our facesOne hand constantly checking the pockets,For the penniesRan past the lush green meadows,Where three Welaras neighed at us, welcomingAnd reached old Tom’s Bakery, all out of breath,Heavenly smell of... Continue Reading →

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