A pocketful of rye

                                                     Book Review
Title: A Pocketful Of Rye

Review Presenter: Nidanyaa.T
Part 1 :    

Author: Agatha Christie 

Publisher: Harper Collins

Type of Book: Fiction 
Part 2 : 

Setting : This story takes place in England.
Part 3 :


  1. Rex Fortescue
  2. Percival Fortescue 
  3. Lance Fortescue 
  4. Gladys
  5. Miss Marple
  6. Inspector Neele
  7. Mary Dove

Favourite character:

My favourite character is Miss Marple since I have a liking for detectives. Thus like all her other stories she handles it her way. Crime scenes are her habitat and she was sure that it was a tricky nursery rhyme when all the others thought she was crazy. I like her since she trusted her instincts.

Part 4 :


Rex Fortescue, a wealthy businessman is murdered at work and a handful of rye is found in his pocket. Soon after during the investigation, members of the household fall victim to a killer intent. Like her other book “And There Were None ” this novel too is based on a nursery rhyme.

Miss Marple, being the epitome of iron old ladies, in the Pocketful Of Rye is at it again when she is called to bring clarity on the death of the tycoon. Suspicions fall on his much younger wife but it becomes a mystery when she turns up dead. Following the demise of Elaine someone also killed a maid who was a former maid of Miss Marple. She is once again in her natural habitat, and proceeds to unravel the mystery when she finds herself involved with a nursery rhyme and dark, shadowy past.

Suspicions fall on Rex’s elder son, Percival , who is partner in the family firm and his daughter who isn’t amounted much. Another son, Lance who had fallen out of the family for years and had settled in South Africa along with his wife and some people who turn up dead. Percival too had been receiving threats.
Part 5 :

Message: Appearances can be deceiving and Never judge a book by its cover.
Part 6 :

My opinion: 

                    Starting sweet, I would say that it is one of the best detective novels I’ve read. Christie has written about the murder in detail in short instead of dragging it. It is a addictive novel as once we start reading the investigation it pulls us back into the story and makes us suspect the killer. 

Christhie leads us to suspect each and everyone after the demise of Gladys and Rex’s wife. I admit that I wasn’t able to guess the killer till the very last. It might be a disappointment for Miss Marple fans since most of the investigation was conducted by the police but still Miss Marple was right from the beginning till the end. It is a addicting mystery thriller which I’d settle for with during a rainy day…..



Eating is a thing we do three or more times a day 

But most of the people struggle to eat one meal a day

We groan and moan for getting one over cooked naan 

But those people sometimes don’t get none

We fast either on auspicious days or for reducing weight 

While they fast on all the other days except auspicious days

We get more than we want 

And waste more than we take

But they don’t even get what they want

Then what are they going to waste

Why is there such a sharp difference between people

Living in the same world, same city,same town.

When one is the richest 

Nearby lives the poorest.

Poverty as a challenge

P – Poverty is not an 

O – Ordinary disease but a 

V – Viral disease which leads to a decline in the

E – Economy, where the

R – Rich becomes richer and

T – the poor becomes poorer which is why

Y – You and I should do something about it.



Living in a world of people who 

Only care about themselves 

People who are in need don’t get things for themselves

How will they feed their generations 

I’m not telling that all people are doing corruption 

There are people who do good

And those who walk away doing no good

Who concerns about the world 

For they all are self concerned

Why will they think about the needy’s concern

Helping the needy might even help us

For we seek bubble reputation

Humanity is lost in this human-filled world

I am concerned about this

The question is “Are you”?


Climatic changeย 

Ice is melting not in the glass but

But in the glacier mass

What is the reason behind this?

Methane, Carbon di oxide and more

Has made the Earth’s heat soar

Forecast has become unpredictable 

Soon, if we don’t act nothing will be able

We are the senseless humans after all

Only at the brink of extinction we think about it at all

At least now before it’s too late as it is already late

Let us raise this concern before it becomes late 

To make a difference from our usual way, the human’s usual way

This is too important for us 

As they have conducted tons of meetings 

So let’s protect the world by

Preventing it from further injury 

                                                                                     ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€nidh24 ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€

We Polluted

I miss the beautiful sceneries

Now all I see is smoke right through the sceneries

Though it doesn’t choke my throat

It does choke my mind and heart 

Moving from a place to another 

I used to see trees, birds and feathers 

Now all I see is wasted leathers

Hearing the natural sounds of nature are long gone 

For always I smell the smoke of papers burnt

The change is coming rapidly 

But everybody are lethargically unaffected

Think of the generations we are going to destroy

Is this the world our forefathers built so hard

For us to break them so easily

‘No ‘ is the answer if you and I join hands now to protect the world

                                                   ‘Let’s make a difference ‘

                                                                                      ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€nidh24 ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€


Afraid of dark

Went into the houses full of crack

To investigate on a crime

Were in a hurry as I had no time

House looked haunted

The gate which I went through was locked

Ghosts ย were haunting

I was on the run to save my life

Fell over a bucket of paint

Hoped to see a saint

Went to the first door in sight

And there was no light

Went into the second

Realised it was a dead end

Went into the third

Out came furious birds

On and on the doors went

Finally I stopped still to think

What really happened

I faced my fear

And saw the ghost in tears

And one single sturdy door

Walked right out of it proud with pride