Quarantine Diaries: Chapter 3

Unprecedented events have pushed us blindfolded into a new kind of reality where travel, hanging out with the buds are plans , pushed to the far end of our to-do list. Quarantine and social distancing are few words that have made their way into our daily conversations. The new reality is something to be accustomed to. As the saying goes, ‘It’s easier said than done‘. The new world will be difficult to get habituated with. COVID-19 has put our lives in a standstill, and rotated in total 180 degrees.

Quarantine’s got us all dull, bored, frustrated, unproductive, pessimistic and all kinds of messed up. But is that all ? It’s given us some other things too, in the most unexpected ways. Some of us might have realised it and some might not.

β€œThings we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end, if not always in the way we expect.

It’s given us TIME!

Time, in all its glory, is not a circle, but a straight line drawn to infinity.

It can never go back. But in these tough times, when our lives are all in a standstill, all disrupted, time seems to have changed its course just a tiny bit. The straight line seems to have made a small loop. It’s a marvel and most of us, being pessimistic, have just blocked this realization from entering our minds.

We’ve got time to learn, the things we’ve always wanted be it an educational course, or a simple cards game like five cards, four cards, or learning to skateboard. You could catch up on the novels on your to-read list.

We’ve got time to heal, from wounds both physical and mental. It’s given us time to retrospect about our choices, our mistakes and help better ourselves.

We’ve got time to create, it might be something ingenious or something inspired. It can be a new recipe, a sketch, a novel, a blog or plans for a project.

We’ve got time to think and understand the value of the small moments in life. One can cherish the moments and learn to live life in the NOW, than dwell in the FUTURE.

We’ve got time to rest. We can take a break from the fast paced world, and take a moment to close our eyes and just embrace the silence for a few moments. We could watch a couple movies to remind us to relax and distract us from the harsh reality. Cleaning is therapeutic for some. One could declutter and organize their desks, rooms or even their lives.

We’ve got time to care for loved ones, the world, pets, and ourselves. One should take time to keep themselves hale and halcyon during this time. One can take a walk, dance, plan a workout and sweat out the negativity out of them.

It’s up to us to make use of it the best way possible.

So Godspeed guys, and remember to relax a little bit!