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How I wish I could turn back time,
How much I wish it was Yesterday;
I’d make amends, I’d have stopped myself, in time,
From snapping (like a ticking time bomb)

Wish someone had invented a time-turner,
I’d have used it a million times by now;
I’m not perfect but I’m trying,
I’m worried about my future, the path I’m taking;
Impact my actions have on my dreams,
Trying to get a hold of myself, stop me from spiraling into the dark abyss.

How I wish I could rewind and play,
Maybe then I could make the present me blissful;
My hopes shatter, breaking my heart,
Every time I cheat myself,
Making promises I cannot keep.

Running blindly, obstacles bar me, every step,
Maybe it’s all me, conjuring things in my head;
Maybe if I’d gone back and made some tweaks,
Things could’ve changed (could’ve not!);

But anything could be better than me waiting,
For nightfall, to crawl under the sheets, not to think at all;
But all I think at night before sleep,
I’ve got only the present,
Got to do all I can to stop myself from panicking
Waking up all sweaty in the middle of the night, screaming
Lulling myself back to sleep, whispering sweet nothings,

To live life for myself, and not others;

As the eyes shut, the grandfather clock has its hands wide open, (a much needed embrace)

Live in the present , the voice of society echoes in my worn down brain

But still, ‘how much I wish I could turn back time’.


Quarantine Diaries: Chapter 1

Wake up

Slide open your lock-screen

And turn on the wifi

News floods in bringing

New rules, regulations

New status updates, new quotes,

New reminders

Start a new day


Netflix and Prime, all the time

Playing cards, Ludo – our favourite pastime

Checking for notifications while on video games

Our multi-tasking for the day

News on the TV fills the interstices.

A new lifestyle emerges

Amidst the soaring novel COVID-19

Eat, sleep and watch TV!

To be continued


The importance of staying home can’t be stressed enough. Stay home!

Share your quarantine stories below! Share your ideas to pass the time. Let’s try to make the best out of this quarantine.

Dear Mr.Ant (Pt.2)

(Note to the readers: This is the second part of the poem. You will have to read the first part Dear Mr.Ant (Pt.1) order to get the clear message. Getting on, Happy Reading. Don’t forget to comment about what you thought about the poem..)

Never guessed what

was gonna happen next…………

But here it is,

I let him continue on his voyage to his dry land

Poured a mug of water

To wash my legs

And in the process,

Raced Mr.Ant, with the broken leg,

To his death;

Straight to the drain.

Felt so sad,

That he was dead,

Learnt something though,

“Why did I hurt it for no reason?”

Seemed like I am the Ancient Mariner,

And him the Albatross;

The justification: “That’s just the way we homo sapiens are”

But still, “I’m sorry, Mr.Ant”

#RIP Mr.Ant

Dear Mr.Ant

(Note to readers: The poem will be posted in two parts.)

Walking amidst the blotches,

of water, he can’t have had thoughts;

that this day,

was his D-day!

He must have thought it was a sea,

For I saw him searching for a free;

Dry land.

On a mission to help him, and keep him at bay,

Took a soap tray;

What I planned to be a bridge of life for him,

Turned out to be the barricade to life for him;

Hence he turned around,

To find another way.

Dissatisfied, and with the motive to succeed,

I became the sea storm,

Which was clearing a path for him;

He thought me as a force,

Which was gonna sweep him;

And yeah it did.

Later, when I looked out for him,

He was nowhere; no him;

When I was thinking about the hellish act I’d committed,

I looked at my hand;

There, he lay on my finger looking dead;

I placed him on a droplet of water,

Which was acting as his coffin;

But then and there,

he rose from the dead.

Was so relieved,

but not so,

when I saw I had broken

his leg but though;

he was surfing from drop to drop,

Searching for yet another way;

A creature so determined,

I had never seen.

Could never have guessed

what was gonna happen next?……….

Hey There! This is your chance. Pen down what you think might have happened in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned for the followup which I’ll be posting tomorrow!

Coincidence? I hope not.

[Inspired By Ed Sheeran.]

It was just another start

A start to just another boring plot

Thought it might contain classes, exams

Imposition of a heavy workload looking like a traffic jam

Which can never be completed in the given duration

What it contained, that I didn’t expect was this,

Ed Sheeran dropped his new song ft. Khalid, “Beautiful People

Scrolling through the comments of other people

One caught my eye, and it read ‘Beautiful is You’,

Struck with a wave of nostalgia,

Revived by a poem I had not written long ago

Titled “Beautiful Is You“.

It first got my mind wondering,

My heart dreaming

And finally, my brain realizing,

“What if Ed Sheeran was inspired by my poem?”

Thanks to my last poem, I know

My life’s filled with what if’s and maybe’s

Decided to take a stand and voice out my view, cause I’m tired of thinking.

Might be true or it might not

It doesn’t matter, but

On the off-chance that it is

I’m going to be famous🥳! “

Inspired by Beautiful People, here’s a thought:

Not that I don’t want Nike Air shoes,

But it’s the small acts of kindness I’d choose.

[ To Ed Sheeran: You’ve inspired millions and among that sea is me. My poem might’ve inspired you, if it’s true, just add me in the credits🤩. The song has a deep meaning and message which needs to be known. The same goes for my poem too..]



Everyday I can’t help but wonder

If I should’ve said that

Or if I hadn’t done that

If things would’ve been different

Everyday I have things that I regret

Things I should have done

Or things I could’ve prevented

Maybe I could’ve told someone

Or someone could’ve asked me

Something, Anything.

There’s always something on my mind

Things I could’ve done differently

Things I could’ve said

I wish I told my mom how much I loved her, everyday

I wish I told my dad that he was a rock in my life, everyday

Maybe I should’ve voiced out my mind,

Maybe I shouldn’t have snapped,

Everyday, everyday

Maybe someone, maybe something

Maybe someplace.

Life’s filled with maybe’s,

Things I could’ve been

Things I could’ve changed,

Everything would’ve changed,

Maybe I shouldn’t have changed from the girl I was back then

All those years ago



unsplash-logoJosé Martín Ramírez C
Eight kinds.

One.   Those who get what they want.

Two.  Those who never get what they want, no matter how hard they try.

Three.  Those who get what they didn’t want and thereafter flaunt.

Four.  Those who get what they never expected.

Five.  Those who think they will get what they want.

Six.  Those who publicly decline it but secretly want it.

Seven.  Those who genuinely think the deserved will get it.

Eight.  Those who think let someone get it, ‘we dont care!’