Mirror, mirror on the wall,

I  know you are just, bold and courageous, to

Reflect what  you see and none other even though are

Reminded what might happen to you when people are not

Okay about their reflections and there you show your

Righteousness, which isn’t intended for insult , rather for a change

– T.Nidanyaa


Ain’t fair!

In our country, perhaps the world too

Mostly the guilty are acquitted, u know

Even when the judge knows the truth on who’s guilty 

I don’t blame the judges for this work which is filthy

But why? When for the commoners it’s the only chance

For a peaceful and better advance

Judiciary’s independence makes us peaceful, (but is it real?)

But now, judiciary’s depending on security that’s powerful 

Then where’s our security?

When the innocent people get turned down

Their livelihood is collapsed and life goes to a shut down

But it isn’t the same for the guilty and the judge

The people have gone to extremes with the madness of grudge

 A proper system where the people can be free to file a case

And where the innocents should win the case…

Should be devised..


A needed change..

E-Education needs a reform immediately for the present system isn’t helping so we should 

D-Derive it from its basic meaning by 

U- Understanding and 

C- Creating a system that is practical and suits this generation and the upcoming ones 

A- And see 

T- To that all the 

I- Innovative minds 

O- Of the world  get educated equally and this world should have no young

N-Non literates.



The present sensation of India

The legendary tradition of India

Forgotten in most parts of the country

Fought for 11 years by the one single state continuously 

Spain and Mexico kill the bulls with deadly swords and knife

There is no problem even when the stake is the bull’s life

Conchita Cintròn herself has killed 850 bulls in the ring

When we haven’t killed even a single one in the ring

Why is PETA so adamant to not conducting Jallikattu?

When we don’t even use a weapon against the bulls

It is only because of Jallikattu

That we have prevented the extinction of the native breed

The things that Jallikatu has done for us is exceptionally good and innumerable 

I think it is only for the foreign company’s benefits

It is not a fight only TN has to participate 

Since it wasn’t only Tamilian’s tradition but the whole country’s 

So let’s raise and give our share for Jallikattu


Eating is a thing we do three or more times a day 

But most of the people struggle to eat one meal a day

We groan and moan for getting one over cooked naan 

But those people sometimes don’t get none

We fast either on auspicious days or for reducing weight 

While they fast on all the other days except auspicious days

We get more than we want 

And waste more than we take

But they don’t even get what they want

Then what are they going to waste

Why is there such a sharp difference between people

Living in the same world, same city,same town.

When one is the richest 

Nearby lives the poorest.

Poverty as a challenge

P – Poverty is not an 

O – Ordinary disease but a 

V – Viral disease which leads to a decline in the

E – Economy, where the

R – Rich becomes richer and

T – the poor becomes poorer which is why

Y – You and I should do something about it.



Living in a world of people who 

Only care about themselves 

People who are in need don’t get things for themselves

How will they feed their generations 

I’m not telling that all people are doing corruption 

There are people who do good

And those who walk away doing no good

Who concerns about the world 

For they all are self concerned

Why will they think about the needy’s concern

Helping the needy might even help us

For we seek bubble reputation

Humanity is lost in this human-filled world

I am concerned about this

The question is “Are you”?