Birthday wishes to the Trio🎂!

Aadhiran, the eldest of the trio,

An active boy, who is always

Daring, confident, eyeing victory in his ventures

Has no objection in expressing his fears

Is a very talented swimmer, badminton player, loves the

Roar of nature and its beings,

An enthusiastic person who

Normally asks me same question everytime he sees me.. ( Guess..)

Aadhavan, the youngest of the trio,

A keen and curious mind he has, asking

Doubts until they get cleared,

Has huge love for nature just like the others

And is playful, humorous

Vibrant in his actions,

And expresses emotion fearlessly

Normally is a unique person…☺

Aaradhana, simultaneously both the wpitome of the girly girl

And the daring bold girl who

Reads books, loves to write

And is a very creative

Dainty person

Has a humble heart

A vibrant smile which can light up the world and

Never gives up

And is the best kid in photography📷!!


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