The tantrums of the idiotic box,

Didn’t end with it being packed;

Instead it gave birth on the run,

To more monstrous children;

Who with their inherited powers,

Along with powers;

Acquired through experience,

With the homo sapiens;

Are now ruling the world,

Overtaking their ancestors.

1st Scenario:

They have figured my weakness,

It draws me in a kind of spell;

A lasting one at that,

Making me want

More, Coordinating with its friend,

The Internet.

2nd Scenario:

Mom calls it addiction,

But she’s wrong;

The thing is,

I don’t want more, through some process;

It makes me crave,

I’m the victim and

I was made to want more..

Scenario 3:

Opening a website page

With the motive

Only to find the information i wanted

But with its mastermind

Filled with tricks and cheat sheets

And the key stating

“Open Page In New Tab”

When I realize what I’ve done

It’s too late to erase what I’d done

Since there are already a zillion tabs

Making me crave


But now that I’m in therapy

I’m getting better, everyone’s happy

I’ve figured out some of its cheat codes

Cheap tricks and spells

But what I’m afraid of

Is the technology its children are growing of

I don’t know whether

I’ll be able to figure that out

In time.


This is a war, my fellow warriors

Between AI created by us

And us created by the creator

Until now they are winning

Stratetgies are in demand

There are supporters gathering

From around the globe

It is a war we need to win

Pledge your support now !!!