(Note to the readers: This is the second part of the poem. You will have to read the first part in order to get the clear message. Getting on, Happy Reading. Don’t forget to comment about what you thought about the poem..)

Never guessed what

was gonna happen next…………

But here it is,

I let him continue on his voyage to his dry land

Poured a mug of water

To wash my legs

And in the process,

Raced Mr.Ant, with the broken leg,

To his death;

Straight to the drain.


Felt so sad,

That he was dead,

Learnt something though,

“Why did I hurt it for no reason?”

Seemed like I am the Ancient Mariner,

And him the Albatross;

The justification: “That’s just the way we homo sapiens are”

But still, “I’m sorry, Mr.Ant”

#RIP Mr.Ant