(Note to readers: The poem will be posted in two parts.)

Walking amidst the blotches,

of water, he can’t have had thoughts;

that this day,

was his D-day!

He must have thought it was a sea,

For I saw him searching for a free;

Dry land.

On a mission to help him, and keep him at bay,

Took a soap tray;

What I planned to be a bridge of life for him,

Turned out to be the barricade to life for him;

Hence he turned around,

To find another way.

Dissatisfied, and with the motive to succeed,

I became the sea storm,

Which was clearing a path for him;

He thought me as a force,

Which was gonna sweep him;

And yeah it did.

Later, when I looked out for him,

He was nowhere; no him;

When I was thinking about the hellish act I’d committed,

I looked at my hand;

There, he lay on my finger looking dead;

I placed him on a droplet of water,

Which was acting as his coffin;

But then and there,

he rose from the dead.

Was so relieved,

but not so,

when I saw I had broken

his leg but though;

he was surfing from drop to drop,

Searching for yet another way;

A creature so determined,

I had never seen.

Could never have guessed

what was gonna happen next?……….

Hey There! This is your chance. Pen down what you think might have happened in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned for the followup which I’ll be posting tomorrow!