Who are to blame – The Gremlins?

         Given work gone wrong, whom to blame the

          Reputed Gremlins, Who

          Else? We just never want to take responsibility for our

        Mistakes, we just want to shift the blame on somebody and as

 Long as we(in a singular/family sense) are safe and sound we don’t care for their

  Interests, this is one common example to show we are having

      Negligible amount of humanity in us and we are always self-centered.

So Gremlins are basically mythical creatures which create problem in aircrafts and machinery, and make systems malfunction. Sometimes we behave like Gremlins, but the thing is we are 100% real. When we do a mistake we just try to escape from it, we never take the responsibility to accept and rectify ourselves. This has caused a lot of problems. For instance, we become stubborn and never accept when someone says we’ve done something wrong. It also creates a sense of arrogance in us.

So the thing I want to tell everybody hear is,

                     ” Take responsibility for your mistakes and rectify yourselves.”

News regarding Gremlins:



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