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To all my fellow friend, we may be old or young, but to our creator we are children. So Happy Children’s day. On account of this occasion, a poem dedicated to us.

Children are the fun in the boring psychic

Hectic world, they may be lazyish,

In spite of that, haven’t they recieved laurels ?, they love spaghetti,

Like weird things, (but that’s what makes them children) , you can tell

Difference, it’s because they are bold like a diamond,

Rock the world with their

Endless tantrums but yet they are loved by all because their best quality is that they dont   divide the people on the basis  of religion, caste

Not only that they are the only homo spaiens who can change the most silent place into a    lotta fun

To us,

let’s enjoy the life, Live it the way you wouldn’t wanna rewind.

Cheers, Nidh24.

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