“Forgiving you will allow me to forgive myself.”

A book on the road to recovery. It was a heartwarming book and the protagonist Morgan is troubled after a terrible incident and she can’t seem to move on, literally even out of her house. There comes along Evan, the boy who reminds her of the salty sea air, swimming and everything else she’s missing out on life. Will she be able to come out of her troubles? This is the story of Underwater.   It is a tale of dealing with grief, sorrow, happiness, forgiveness and fear.


  • Morgan was a typical normal who attends parties,

            Original and she has a passion for swimming which is all

              Ruined by an incident which makes a

              Goliathan change in her life that she doesn’t even want to  move out of the house


                Now will a next door boy make her come out of her troubles?

  • Evan Kokua – A very suitable next door / neighbour boy. He’s new to the town and he is joining a school nearby. He is very passionate about swimming.
  • and some other characters include Morgan’s mother,brother, Evan’s mother, the therapist and Morgan’s friends.

What I liked :

  • The book clearly explains the mind of a person struggling to deal with a tragedy.
  • It just grasps you in the book. Your immersed into the book without your consciousness.
  • It has good imagery in it.
  • I was eager to see what she was going to do next.

What I didn’t like:

  • It was slow at times and I thought Oh my! why is she dragging it?
  • It was predictable at times.

” Sometimes the safest place to be is Underwater.”


Overall rating: 4.3/5


Happy swimming in Underwater……

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