DIY Book Cover (just 10 mins)

Honestly, there are lots of ready-made notes to buy. But nothing can compare to the handmade ones (probably a fact).I was inspired by a lot of YouTube Videos and a lot of posts on Pinterest. But I thought I could do it with the things I have. So I rummaged through all my stuff and found a few things which could be used.


Things I used:

  • An old note- Would work on any size.
  • Used black chart
  • Glue
  • Magazines/ newspapers
  • Pair of scissors

How to do:

  1. So let’s get started . First using the black chart cover the book the way you cover your school notebooks.
  2. Next, Cut all the pictures you need from the newspapers/ magazines. Here’s the part where you choose what to cut. There are a lot of options.

                             1. You could choose a color scheme.

                             2. You could choose a theme (fashion, food, photography,nature etc.,)

 3.   Cut the pictures in any shape you want. It could be any uniform shape or all jiggly-wiggly different. You could all cut thin strips from each page.

4. Now start sticking. You could form a word or a letter or a shape or random sticking.

That’s it guys. Here’s your handmade notebook from an old note. I promise you it would look fabulous. If you have done it, please feel free to share your book covers. It would be a fabulous gift to your friends for their birthday/ as a going away gift.

Here are a few ideas from around the globe to seek inspiration from.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

↓↓↓If you want to share your suggestion or views, comment below in the leave a comment box.↓↓↓

Happy Crafting!!!!!


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