“If anyone ever spreads the rumor that I’m nice, I’ll hit them”

A read with a dash of  mystery , magic , paranormalcy and a blot of romance. There are group of main characters with the narrator being Charlotte Rollins, a girl yet to join university. We follow the story of how she ends up in Paranormal Public and all the mysteries and incidents she meets upon on the way. The other characters are

  • Sipthyia Quest (better known as Sip)

Sip is a werewolve and she

Is short but  very organized and kinda

Practical and loves neon colours!!

  • Lisabelle Verlans


Is a hothead , very

Strong , powerful


Brave and she keeps the

Enemies at bay, and she is

Loving and has a

Likeable charcter and is a good


  • Keller – I like him the most
  • Cale – Highschool crush
  • Lanca- The lady of dignity
  • Camilla( the meanie) and a lot more..

The book has its own pros and cons. Starting off positive, of all the books I’ve read this was different and I liked it because

  •  It included all paranormal beings in it (vampires, elementals, faeries and what-not)
  •  It takes place in an university (it was good to see the protagonist dealing with schedules and all)

Negatives have to be discussed. I found it lagging in the style of writing. I felt it annoying at times when the author keeps using the names of the characters again and again instead of using pronouns. Also the protagonist Charlotte seems like she is very weak. I understand that she is new to the paranormal world but still she has to be capable with some kind of self defense.So that’s it . It was a good read. If anybody else has read it I would like them to share their comments of the book below..

Overall rating: 3.7/5


Note: This review was based on my personal opinion. It wasn’t intended to hurt someone.