Today’s topic for the day is conservation of tigers. Actually why do we need to conserve tigers? Firstly, poaching. Secondly, farmers. Why farmers?

Let me explain it to you. I had seen a documentary in Hasanur, in the Sathyamangalam district. The farmers cattle were often attacked by tigers in the region. Troubled by this the farmers came up with the idea of poisoning the remains of the Dead cattle so that when the tiger returns to eat the remains it would die out of poisoning. Fortunately this was stopped by Mr Krishna Kumar who was a resident of the same region. Being a wildlife conservationist he paid Rs 10 lakh compensation to the farmers so that they would stop killing the tigers. You may think what can we do? For starters, we could spread the message. If you don’t mind spending rupees 3 you could SMS TIGER to 56388 are you could visit to sign up for the online petition.