Review:Reign of shadows by Sophie Jordan 

I usually fall for books by its cover because they look adorable and I would want to savor it. But this book had only 3.7 or something in Goodreads so I thought why not?

“Life is full of regrets. They’ll cripple you if you let them.” – Sophie Jordan 

This book was about the lost princess ,who had lived in a tower after her parents had died during the eclipse and one day she meets Fowler , a hunter. After the tower faced an attack they had to escape together.. It was a thrill read right from the beginning to the finish just like Sarah J. Mass had said. If I keep writing I would ruin some surprises.

Though there were some parts where i felt the book was a bit predictable it was a heartwarming read. I felt like there is hope even in the dark. though it had some small kinks here and there it was a good read and worth the time….

 Overall I would rate it 4/5..


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  1. Nice review, you knew just where to stop , so wouldn’t ruin some of the surprises.

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    1. nidh24 says:

      Thank you 😊! What kinda books do u read

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      1. Read fictional novels , although it’s hard for me to find sometime, and a lot more of how to do books.

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  2. I’m glad you liked this! I’ve been meaning to pick it up, and your review makes me look forward to it a bit more. 😊

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