The present sensation of India

The legendary tradition of India

Forgotten in most parts of the country

Fought for 11 years by the one single state continuously 

Spain and Mexico kill the bulls with deadly swords and knife

There is no problem even when the stake is the bull’s life

Conchita Cintròn herself has killed 850 bulls in the ring

When we haven’t killed even a single one in the ring

Why is PETA so adamant to not conducting Jallikattu?

When we don’t even use a weapon against the bulls

It is only because of Jallikattu

That we have prevented the extinction of the native breed

The things that Jallikatu has done for us is exceptionally good and innumerable 

I think it is only for the foreign company’s benefits

It is not a fight only TN has to participate 

Since it wasn’t only Tamilian’s tradition but the whole country’s 

So let’s raise and give our share for Jallikattu


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  1. Karthi Narayanaswami says:

    Great Job Nidhi! Excellent write up. Keep up the good work!

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  2. Thangavel says:

    good one

    Liked by 1 person

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