💰 money ,money,money 💸💵💰💵

But what is it really

Just a synonym of currency💸

Even in it half the things are fishy🐠

500 crores get lost from the bank🏦

5 lakes were found in the water tank

Some lakhs of money were found burnt in the roadside 

Black money , white money💰💳

Tomorrow someone will another colour money💶💶

 Separate job as income tax officers

Just for the corrupters 

Even from the raid officers 👮 they escape

I don’t know 🤔 when they’ll learn to be honest

Or they’ll be caged like apes🐵

Our doing:

People who are rich become richer💍👓

And the poor becomes poorer

Why shouldn’t the poor become rich

Corruption is a viral disease 

Please stop ✋ it please!!! 


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