imageThis cute and beautiful snowman was very easy to make. So I decided to show it to you all. It is completely a DIY. So let’s start it.

  1. The body of the snowman is just 2 waste CDs.
  2. Take A4 sheets the same size of the CDs and paste them.(Be careful about the centre because I messed it up)
  3. Place both the CDs one above the other where the head looks a bit small and the body looks big.
  4. Take a strip of red coloured paper and paste it around the neck of the snowman like showed in the picture.
  5. Take a black  sketch pen and draw two eyes in the face and two dots as buttons in the body of the snowman.
  6. Take an orange sketch pen and draw a big round for the nose and draw the mouth using a red sketch.
  7. You can write any text you want.
  8. The cute snowman is ready to be presented to someone!!

Hope you liked it guys….. For more updates like this write it down in the comments…..

😀😀nidh24 😀😀